Tuesday, March 22, 2011

American Classic with an Asian Twist!

Asian Style Shortribs with Wasabi Green Onion Mashed Potatoes, Sesame Lemon Asparagus

Catered a small, casual party the other night. This client recently moved back to the San Francisco Bay Area from China. It was up to me to make the menu....and to incorporate the steamed Chinese dumplings that his nanny made. So, I did not want to make a complete Chinese menu, since he had just moved here to the States from being in China for so many years and I had to inplement the dumplings. I came up with an American Classic dish of Beef Shortribs and I put an Asian twist to it with flavors of ginger, soy and lemongrass. It was a success and I will be making this dish again in the future! Asian Style Beef Shortribs with Fried Leeks & Kumquats, Wasabi & Green Onion Mashed Potatoes and Sauteed Sesame Lemon Asparagus. Believe it or not, this was the first time that I tasted a Kumquat and it was so wonderful, a great blend of sweet and sour and it complimented the flavors of the short ribs quite well.

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