Sunday, May 4, 2008

Hor D'Ouevres Party Galore!

Orange Tarragon Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce in Spoons
Miniature Grilled Tomato & Cheddar Pannini with Dijon
Miniature Cheddar Burgers with Rosemary Onion Jam
It was another smash hit birthday party that I catered last night in Los Gatos. This was a 60th birthday party for a new client.
She had ordered 10 different Hor D'Ouevres passed by servers and buffet style. The biggest hit of the night were the Orange Tarragon Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce served in Asian Soup Spoons, people could not get enough of those and of course the Mini Burges, who wouldn't want that, comfort food city! (menu below).

Over the years I have catered numerous parties and the interesting thing is, most of them are Hor d'ouevres parties. The reason why I think that this type of party is so popular is that people can taste many different cuisines. I get more excited over the prospect of catering a party of all finger foods. I enjoy the challenge of inventing new ones so I don't get bored and It really puts a smile on my face when I get to present foods in a "small" way that party guests don't see or get to see everyday!
Food should be fun and interesting not boring, it not only nourishes are bodies but it should nourish are imaginations and tastes. Appetizers, Small Bites, Hor d'ouevres, Finger Foods, Tid-Bits-Whatever you may call it, is always in style!

Mini Cheddar Burgers with Rosemary Onion Jam
Tuna Tartare on won ton with Edammame Wasabi Puree
Miniature individual Macaroni & Cheese
Orange Tarragon Salmon with Hollandaise Sauce in Spoons
Grilled Chicken Skewers with Peanut Sauce
Baby Lamb Chops with Honey Mint Peppercorn Sauce
Fine Cheese & Crackers
Mini Tomato & Cheddar Pannini
Asian Peanut Noodle Salad in “To Go” containers with Chopsticks
Butternut Squash Soup “Sips” in Shot Glasses with Pumpkin Seeds